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David Schreibman

You Know (UNO) by David Jonathan video DOWNLOAD

You Know (UNO) by David Jonathan video DOWNLOAD

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A Baffling Demonstration of Foresight With UNO Cards!

You Know is a powerful prediction effect that is so direct, so fair and so utterly baffling. It uses an ancient, underused principle that has been dusted off and modernized with new twists to create a stunning hands-off prediction.

So what's the effect? You briefly show an envelope in your front pocket and mention that it will be important a bit later. A pack of UNO cards is now introduced and a participant names any of the four colors in the game to be their target color. They take the cards and genuinely shuffle them into a truly random order. They now look through the shuffled pack and remove the first three cards of their target color that they come to. The numbers on these cards are added together to arrive at a sum. The envelope is now removed from your pocket and turned around to show one number was written on it - the sum of the three numbers! Even more impressive, inside the envelope is a prediction of the SPECIFIC COLOR they named and the EXACT THREE NUMBERS they arrived at!
  • Ends clean
  • No gimmicks
  • No sleight of hand
  • Super easy to do
Tons of extra ideas and variations are covered on the tutorial, including ways to incorporate the concepts into a variety of routines (e.g. book tests, pin code revelations, etc.).

You Know provides an engaging change of pace from run-of-the-mill card tricks, so download it today to learn one of the strongest effects with a pack of UNO cards!

Note: While this effect was designed for UNO cards, it is also easily adapted to playing cards

"David Jonathan is one of my favorite creators... and this is one of the very BEST effects I've reviewed in a long time, and the BEST effect for the money. It's an absolute steal."
- Rick Carruth, The Magic Roadshow

"This effect is an almost perfect example of a great self-working trick. It gets my highest recommendation for anyone who loves impactful magic with a theme that suits both adult and children audiences. 10/10!"
- Alex Hui (Alex Magic Review)

"I have added this to my repetoire and I expect it to stay there. I highly recommend You Know for the trick, the method, the teaching and the strong thinking behind it. It is very easy to perform, sleight free and it is impossible to back track. 9/10"
- Straight Talk Magic Reviews

"A perfect close up prediction routine. Easy to learn, yet the outcome is super mind-blowing. No unnecessary procedure, this looks exactly how a prediction should look like!"
- Miss Katalin

"This is my favorite effect of the year."
- Rob Jacks

"David Jonathan is a very creative magician. I never knew you could have such a strong magical effect with a deck of Uno cards."
- Chinese Magic Reviews

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