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Tiki Playing Cards

Tiki Playing Cards

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Tiki Playing Cards is a unique deck inspired by ancient Polynesia.

Tiki dates back to the 13th century. Created by Tane God, Tiki is Half-Man, Half-God.

The Tiki symbolizes a mythical character who created Human beings, Polynesians used to worship and fear it.

Tiki has preserved this spiritual and mystical value and the privileged place it was granted in the past.

It still occupies an important position in society, even today, a Tiki evokes the respect of Polynesians.

A deck of playing cards full of mysteries and symbology.


In the tuck box, have been used a mix of colors for all the design elements. Each color has a specific meaning.

Red represents fire. It's associated with strength, power, and passion.

Blue represents water. It's associated with communicative, calming, and trustworthy.

Yellow represents sunshine. It's associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.

Have been used also several symbologies.


In the back design is pictured a sad carving.


Ancient followers worshiped the Gods through prayer, chanting, surfing, lava sledding, and even human sacrifice. This is represented by the Aces.


The Kings represent Tiki who is seen by the Maori mythology as the first man that ever lived and was created by the God Tane


Tiki lived a very lonely life, so Tane created his wife who is portrayed by the Queens.


The 4 Jacks represent the 4 gods: Ku the God of war, Lono the God of fertility and peace, Kane the God of light and life, and Kanaloa the God of the sea.


In the Joker is pictured a happy carving.

The cards are poker size.

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