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Rodrigo Romano

The Vault - The Mystery of Ten Coins by Rodrigo Romano video DOWNLOAD

The Vault - The Mystery of Ten Coins by Rodrigo Romano video DOWNLOAD

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From the creator of "Amazing Floating Pen" and "Mirror: Rubik's Cube" comes "The Mystery Of The Ten Coins".

This effect is a miraculous prediction made by the spectator himself. The magician does nothing!

The spectator himself makes the prediction, the spectator shuffles the coins, and surprisingly, an astonishing match occurs.

This is super practical and perfect effect to improvise in any situation. You only need 10 borrowed coins, nothing else!

Imagine this: 10 regular coins are left on the table. The spectator separates 5 coins and hides them under his hand.

Then he grabs the remaining 5, mixes them thoroughly and drops them onto the table.

Then you can see how many coins have fallen heads and how many have fallen tails. (for example, 3 heads and 2 tails).

Inexplicably, the 5 coins that the spectator withdrew at the beginning of the effect, exactly match the coins that he mixed himself! 3 heads and 2 tails! Amazing!

  • Ten regular coins.
  • Totally impromptu.
  • Spectator does all the work
  • A miraculous prediction
  • A super practical and killer effect.
  • Easy to do
  • A very clever method that will blow your mind.
"Only a brilliant and parallel mind as Rodrigo's can invent such a great new mentalism effect with coins. There is only one thing wrong.. there are no gimmicks used. It will be a classic".
- Marcelo Insua - Tango Magic

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