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Molim El Barch

The Vault - ACMTO by Molim El Barch video DOWNLOAD

The Vault - ACMTO by Molim El Barch video DOWNLOAD

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"It's a good trick. Very, very good. I would use that!"
- Banachek

"This is a very clean and very direct Think a Card. Molim has thought of everything to make this play as directly as possible. The spectator thinks of a card and you dramatically reveal what it is! It's exactly what Think a Card should look like. Make sure you also check out his follow up to the routine which creates a brilliant logic disconnect."
- Marc Paul

"If you want to perform direct mind reading - you'll love this!"
- The Other Brothers

"This is diabolical! What real mind reading should look like."
- Shaun Robison

"A very good and useful routine!"
- Aeon Sun

"Good effect. I like it."
- Ryan Hayashi

"This is it! When it comes to mindreading of a thought of card in one of the fairest and most astonishing ways, this is it."
- Ryan Dux

"Molim is using several methods to create this nice routine which you can use everywhere and at any situation including via Skype or other online ways. The only drawback is that you should use English, but if this your language, don't hesitate to learn that wonderful effect!"
- Hektor Magic

"I will use this for the rest of my life on a regular basis!"
- Daryl van Horne

One of the most astonishing things in magic is the ability to read someone's mind. There are thousands of such products available, but only a few are able to look so real that your spectators really believe you can read minds.

This unique approach to the famous think a card plot is one of those effects. The magician fans the cards in front of the spectator's eyes. It's a free choice. The spectator looks through the cards and chooses one only in her mind, while the magician faces away. After squaring the deck, the magician is able to reveal the thought of card with one hundred percent accuracy. In the second phase of this effect, the same spectator is even able to shuffle the deck and take a card out, without the magician touching or even facing the cards. You are still able to reveal that card!

No matter if you are on a big stage or close-up, on TV or completely surrounded, or even over video chat, the way this effect is built enables you to perform wonders in every situation!

If you want a mindreading effect that makes your spectators believe you can really read their minds, then A Card Merely Thought Of by Molim EL Barch is for you.

- No gimmicks.
- Use any deck of cards!
- Spectator can hold the cards, look through them and even shuffle!
- Spectator only thinks of one card or picks himself one!
- Literally no reset time, perfect for close-up situations like table hopping.
- Possible over video chat!

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