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The Perfidious A.C.A.A.N by Priyanshu Srivastava and JasSher Magic video DOWNLOAD

The Perfidious A.C.A.A.N by Priyanshu Srivastava and JasSher Magic video DOWNLOAD

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There are tonnes of ACAAN effects out there.

Some very straight forward, where as some very intricate.

Perfidious A.C.A.A.N is something that you must have never ever experienced in your life.

An Any card at any number trick is one of the oldest plots in card magic and the Perfidious A.C.A.A.N just takes it to a whole another level.

Finding a card in the deck Is OK, finding it at the spectator's given position... Yeah good...

But just imagine, the spectator names out any card in the deck. Literally any card, no forcing, no weird effects, no equivoque.. That means no magician's choice.. 100 percent free choice.. So now.. The card has been selected.. '' The 4 of Spades '' The spectator is now told to think of any number between 1 and 52... Once again... No forcing... Any number can be chosen in between 1 and 52 . The spectator chooses number 27.

Now the box of cards that has been lying in front of the spectator all the time is now opened. The pack of cards is removed and the magicians starts dealing down cards on the table very cleanly. No funny moves, no bottom deals, no Greek deals, no second deals.

When he reaches the 26th card. The magician grabs the attention of the spectators towards the deck because the next card on the 27th position is the only card that has a different colored back in the entire deck, the magician very cleanly places The 27th card on the table and spreads the rest of the deck in front to show that the color of all the other cards does not matches to that of the 27th card.

The magician very cleanly turns around the 27th card and guess what. It's the spectator's chosen card. The four of Spades...

Now the magician goes on to reveal the trick by saying that all the cards in the deck are same and luckily he placed the different colored back card on the 27th position. The spectator is now confused if all the cards were the Four of Spades... So the magician clears the spectator's misconception by telling that he never said all the cards were the Four of Spades, he said all the cards were same which means none of the cards were printed on the deck and the only card that was printed was the spectator's card the Four of Spades and that too it had a different colored back and it was on the spectator's chosen position.

4 effects in one A.C.A.A.N trick:

- The chosen card is found
- At the spectator's given position
- with a different colored back than that of the deck
- And at the end... The entire deck goes blank

The trick is going to keep on betraying the spectator's thoughts. That's the reason why it's called the Perfidious A.C.A.A.N.

The deck as well as the spectator's card can be immediately handed out for examination. Yes immediate examination. There's nothing to hide. You can't believe it right? You have to see it to believe it.

What you get when you purchase the download:

Over an hour long instructional video that covers

- Priyanshu's way of Extracting the spectator's chosen card
- The Perfidious A.C.A.A.N trick itself in great detail
- In depth tutorial on the sleights needed
- In depth tutorial of the patter and the presentation

This is the only A.C.A.A.N effect you've been looking for till now. This is a must for your personal repertoire.

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