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Jonathan Royle

The Magic of Showbiz for the Digital Age - (Marketing, Advertising, Publicity & Promotional Secrets for Entertainers) BY Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

The Magic of Showbiz for the Digital Age - (Marketing, Advertising, Publicity & Promotional Secrets for Entertainers) BY Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

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This is a bumper package of training materials including numerous PDF ebook training manuals along with step by step video instructions, which combined together will help anybody to become a far busier, hugely more successful and massively more profitable professional entertainer in absolutely most any area of the entertainment and showbiz industry.

Also having obtained from Mike Danata's Magic Studio (who obtained the rights from Repro Magic) the legal right to distribute the until now, long out of print, legendary book by Simon Lovell entitled "The Magic of Show Business for the 1990's." This important publication on how to make it in the world of showbiz is also included.

This is a completely re-written, updated and hugely expanded version of his acclaimed book, originally published in the very early 1980's and long out of print.

It contains everything you will need to know about the BUSINESS of SHOWBUSINESS.

There is much more to it than simply being able to do a few tricks!

As a taster, here are just a few of the topics that are covered, in this massive volume.

Agents, managers, publicity, advertising, how to get television work, getting on and off, getting paid, pulling applause, audience participation, handling hecklers, music, lighting, choosing the material and tricks, microphones & P.A., lighting, how to cope with book keeping, taxes, accounts etc, table hopping, restaurant work, getting tips, pages of useful addresses, agents, bookers, make-up suppliers, TV. studios and contacts, costumers, details about equity, publicity material and photos and where to get them, plus much more.

If you want to take the business of magic seriously, if you want to make real money out of magic, then this book is UNRESERVEDLY RECOMMENDED.

And best of all you not only get the digital PDF ebook of "The Magic of Showbiz" by Simon Lovell whose success in the magic industry and around the world speaks for itself, but also you get numerous easy to understand and implement training manuals and videos from Jonathan Royle which will teach you how to use the internet, websites and also social media sites to maximize and speed up your ultimate success.

Amongst the social media & internet platforms that you will be comprehensibly taught how to use effectively to generate all the bookings and profits that you could ever desire are...

Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Craigslist, Google-Plus, Instagram, and many others.

You will also be taught how to take control of your own website using the wordpress platform and how to ensure that it produces maximum profits for you from every visitor it gets.

Along the way you'll also discover the secrets of "retargeting" and also "remarketing" which enables you to continue marketing to every person who ever visits your website without them having to ever sign up to any newsletters or email list, until they spend money with you and book your show!

Royle will also reveal exactly how to formulate press releases that work consistently and dramatically in producing large scale television, radio, newspaper and magazine publicity for your acts, shows and talents.

He will show you exactly how to put an effective media release together and then show you examples of ones he has used in the past along with showing you the proof of the extensive local, regional, national and even truly international exposure these have obtained for him and can do so for you when you use the techniques you are taught by way of the training videos included within this total package.

And as if that is not enough one of Royle's other ebooks about marketing for mentalists & stage hypnotists (most all of the techniques will also work for magicians and entertainers of all natures) is also included as an amazing bonus gift and within this you will find the main components of Devin Knight's $1,000 a Day Show Plan along with, until now jealously guarded insider secrets of how to generate all the show bookings you can ever handle and how exactly to maximize the profits from them all.

Indeed award winning magician & comedy hypnotist Robert Temple also reveals how to produce multiple streams of passive income using your talents in order to enable you to earn money even whilst you are asleep at night.

This is a truly comprehensive package, the likes of which has never been offered in this manner before and which represents the bargain of your lifetime.

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