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SYSTEM 20 by SaysevenT Present video DOWNLOAD

SYSTEM 20 by SaysevenT Present video DOWNLOAD

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Hello everyone today let me introduce you my new original routines, at this time not about the "sleight of hand" or you usually see that. This is about "LIVE PERFORMANCE" and "AUDIENCE REACTION".

Imagine you tell a spectator to think one card in him mind... and you don't know what a card him thinks... then finally you can find that card !


- I save that card in my mind! and nobody knows my card.

- How can you do that?

- I do not see you do something trick or sleight, i don't believe this happen!

- Is this impossible?

- Are you reading my mind ?

95% pile of card held to spectator.

Because as a magician you just give a instruction and spectator do all.

That's all above will be happen with use SYSTEM 20. IMPORTANT to REMEMBER:

- This is not use a SUGGESTION or FORCE technique.

- This is FREE CHOICE, anything what a card spectator think can found with this.

- This is not use a GIMMICK or GAFF.

- This is IMPROMPTU, just use one pile of cards normal or regular deck.

- This is EASY TO DO,beginner until advance skill can do this.


- DETAIL tutorial (verbal explanation).

- Duration until 22 minute (with English text).

- After learn this, I promise you can do this at LIVE PERFORMANCE.

Welcome my self working system...

"One of some ways to make spectator impress is with make him involved in your game"
- SaysevenT present.

Watch the demo and learn it now.

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