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Johnny Wong's Super CCS Set by Johnny Wong - Trick

Johnny Wong's Super CCS Set by Johnny Wong - Trick

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Super CCS Set is a multifunctional coin gimmick that combines the features of chips, ancient coins and silver coins.

It is also the latest product from Johnny Wong in 2022.

You will find how easy it is for everyone to enhance their performance and routines by using basic principles of the Super CCS Set.

Whether you are performing illusion coins fly standing up or close-up magic sitting down, Super CCS Set helps you do whatever you heart wishes to do.

I believe this is the product that will bring you much more inspiration and joyfulness.

This product also includes an instructional DVD, here's a list that names some stunning effects of this product:

1. Unique 3 Fly
2. Coin Quick Move
3. Illusion 2 Coins Routine
4. Chips appear 3 Coins & Disappear 3 Coins
5. Miracle 3 Coins Routine
6. Special 4 Coins quick move

Idea by Johnny Wong

  • 1 x special chips gimmicks (Half Dollar size)
  • 1 x special double face split coin (Half Dollar)
  • 1 x Chinese coin
  • 7 x sticker for Chinese coin
  • 2 x laser sticker for chips gimmick
  • 1 x instructional DVD

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