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William F. Citino

Sleepless Nights by Bill Citino eBook DOWNLOAD

Sleepless Nights by Bill Citino eBook DOWNLOAD

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Sleepless Nights is Bill's first major release since his 2008 book, COINsomnia - The Random Conjurings of a Sleep Deprived Mind. Within this eBook, Bill continues what he started in COINsomnia by bringing real world, workable magic that will entertain any lay audience. The focus is on coin magic, although Bill included a card routine for those who enjoy performing with cards.

While there is something for everyone, most of the material is aimed at the intermediate to advanced coin worker. HOWEVER, anyone with a basic knowledge of coin sleights and who is willing to put in the time should be able to master these routines. So, pick up some coins and join Bill for a late night session bound to give you a Sleepless Night!

8 total items make up this eBook, which are described in over 70 pages and include brilliant illustrations by underground magician and artist extraordinaire, Justin P. Vitti.

Contents Include:

The Edge Pop - Bill's work on the one-handed coin vanish that brings the late and great Geoffrey Latta's "French Pop" into the 21st century.

Imaginary Money (Curtis Kam) - The incomparable Curtis Kam graciously allowed Bill to publish this routine with Bill's presentational touches that amplify the audience reactions to this workhouse of a routine. If you like the "Positive/Negative" plot, then you'll love this routine. Plus, it's as close to self-working as a coin routine can get!

Copper/Silver Transpo(tation) - What do you get when you combine two classic coin plots? This routine... the name says it all!

W.T.F.!?, A C.S.B. Quickie - This is Bill's visual take on a phase from the late and great Geoffrey Latta's "CopSilBrass".

Trading Places - A three-for-three coin transposition using just six coins! This is perfect for the strolling performer who wants a powerful effect with a great presentation. This one is a knucklebuster, but well worth the practice required.

It's Just An Illusion - The Coins to Purse plot never looked better. Visually clean vanishes with an unexpected kicker ending all wrapped up in a nice presentation that causes the spectators to question what they see! This is one of Bill's go-to routines for strolling and close-up work!

An Overly Ambitious Inverted Illusion - A card routine in a coin worker's notes!? Bill's handling of the classic Ambitious Card plot that borrows elements from a David Acer trick and others. A great routine for the strolling performer!

As a bonus, Bill has included Money STILL Doesn't Grow On Trees..., which is an updated handling to his popular opener "Money Doesn't Grow On Trees..." from his book COINsomnia. In this handling, Bill addressed a weakness that he saw in the original and subsequently improved the overall effect.


"Bill Citino is one of the 'New Guard' in coin magic. Unlike so many of his peers, he really gets it. He avoids flashy, show-off moves, and focuses on effect. When Bill performs, you don't see fancy razzle dazzle acrobatics. You see real magic. And that's what it's all about!"
- Dr. Michael Rubinstein

"I like Bill...I'm not sure why, but I like him. One possible reason is every time I see Bill, he just keeps getting better and better. Another possible reason is that he is a good thinker. Or maybe it's because unlike many of the magicians of his generation, while they tend to do tricks to highlight their moves...Bill is the total opposite. He uses a move to highlight the effect...making it more magical. Bill takes classics and without muddling the effect tends to streamline it (I did say he was a good thinker). Read his new offerings, Sleepless Nights (no, this is not a movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan) and you will see exactly what I mean!"
- Michael Gallo

"Bill Citino is a polished coin worker. In his new eBook, Sleepless Nights, Bill describes eight terrific effects taken from his performing repertoire. Each item, having been thoroughly tested in front of real audiences, is described in painstaking detail. Bill not only gives you a detailed description of the method, but also a brief history, as well as a detailed listing of credits and references for each effect. At more than 70 pages, this tome is a real bargain at $15. Highly recommended!"
- John Luka

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