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Simon Says Simon Lovell eBook DOWNLOAD

Simon Says Simon Lovell eBook DOWNLOAD

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Over 50 dynamite effects, including:

Another Departed Point - a combination of Alex Elmsley's 'Between Your Palms' and 'Point of Departure: where a signed card appears under a spectator's hand which even Mr. Elmsley himself gave his 'seal of approval' to.

Give Me the Mayo - A three-level sandwich routine with a finish that will make your spectator's minds blow as the two Kings travel instantly from opposite ends of the deck to trap the chosen card in the center.

Challenge Reverse - The first trick I ever leaned, routined up to be a killer, as the magician causes any number of chosen cards to reverse in the deck in under on second.

Who Killed Lilly Longlegs? - I've tried every story deck there is and Lilly combines the strengths of all of them. A story deck using all 52 cards and the card case for a monster applause pulling finish all to a logical story line.

The Lemming Ace Exchange - A classic Roy Walton plot line routined up to be a miracle. A normal chosen card changes faces with a jumbo Ace as part of a maniacally pattered routine.

Heartless - An ambitious card routine with a ruthless, heartless and vicious card. The mates to the card are found and finally the deck is shown to be heartless with a huge hole right through the cards.

Three Card Pop - Three cards are shuffled into the deck by a spectator. Then they cut the deck into three piles. The magician waves his hands above the piles and the three chosen (signed) cards instantly appear one on top of each pile face up.

Anticadge - A cigarette is removed from a flip-top box. The box is instantly seen to be factory sealed and totally examinable.

Flashburn 2! - A signed card at the end of a weird experiment is found to be burnt and mutilated giving you a very cool give-away souvenir for them to keep forever.

Elmsley Cut Elmsley - The magician demonstrates the amazing fourteen-card control where an entire suite and chosen card are dealt in order from a shuffled deck. I consider this to be so strong that it is the routine I close with when doing the Magic Castle close-up room.

Complete contents:

The Totally Official Foreword by Randy Wakeman

Father Cyprian Says

Scotty York Says

Who Is This Lovell Guy Anyway? Simon Lovell with help from Walt Lees


Part One - The Thoughts of Chairman Lovell
What Is Close-Up Magic?
Approach, Opening, Time Served and the Closing Cheer!
Comfort Zones
Routining and Resetting
To Tip or Not To Tip?
Entertainment and Sleight of Hand

Part Two - Openers, Middlers and Closers
First Things First
Fingered Number Three
Fingered Number Four
Packed Wallet
Another Departed Point
Optician's Delight
Vernonesque Three Way
The Gambler's Move
Hold The Mayo
Give Me The Mayo
Ambitious Everywhere and Nowhere
Business Card Giveaway
Challenge Reverse!
Sleight Of Mouth
Card In Bottle
Who Killed Lilly Longlegs?

Part Three - Sitting Specials and Other Bits
Sitting Deck Vanish
Oily Snobs
The Lemming Ace Exchange
Vanishing Moustache
Impossible Location!
Double Trouble
Pyramid Power by Morley Budden

Part Four - Gaffed and Faked
Predicted Bermuda
Blind Date Bermuda
Ermintrude - The Mind-Reading Joker!
Simplicity Outdone by Jim Zachary
The World's Only Blue-Backed Double-Faced Card!
Flashburn 2!

Part Five - Sleight Of Hand Goodies
Three Card Pop
Simon Takes On Le Paul
Sambitious Card
Cheats' Honesty Test
Frank's Fave
Elmsley Cut Elmsley
Double Coincidence
Mini All Backs
Coin From Pack
The Coin-Eating Pack

Part Six - Gags, Stunts, and Other Bits!
Pen Through Tongue
Tongue Of War
Self-Writing Pen
Sebastian, The Mind-Reading Chicken
Any Dog Called For!
The Nightmare Deck
Anyway I Could Know Your Card X 2
The Infamous Submarine Card

Part Seven - And Now The End Is Near
Harry's Page
Final Simey Words
End Words by Terry Seabrooke
One Last Piece Of Advice

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