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Jonathan Royle

Royle Comedy Hypnosis Shows Package A by Jonathan Royle - Video DOWNLOAD

Royle Comedy Hypnosis Shows Package A by Jonathan Royle - Video DOWNLOAD

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COMEDY HYPNOSIS SHOWS - Package A of Eight Jonathan Royle Hypnotist Live Shows

Comedy Hypnosis Show Video's - 8 New Titles.

The old Saying of "Monkey See - Monkey Do" is very true when it comes to becoming a Stage Hypnotist.

Basically speaking if you said the same things as Chris Lee, a student of Jonathan Royle Says in these videos and did the same things in the same way then just so long as you acted confidently enough you would get pretty similar results.

Therefore these are excellent videos to learn Comedy Stage Hypnotism and Street Hypnosis Techniques from.

Eight Unique and Hilarious live recorded videos which are highly educational for Student Hypnotists

A selection of eight titles, all recorded live as Top British Television Hypnotist Jonathan Royle performs his unique and truly hilarious adults only style Comedy Hypnosis shows at various venues around the UK.

These video's are both entertaining to watch and highly educational for anyone wishing to become a Professional Stage Hypnotist or indeed, practising professionals, as by watching experts at work, you will learn how to handle the unexpected and deal with every kind of performing situation before it actually happens and as such you will be far more prepared to handle the audience

Hypno Hyde

Filmed live at the Village Hotel in Hyde, this shows Royle performing as an after dinner cabaret entertainer using the dance floor as his performance area. The audience is close by and this is an ideal video to watch to learn how to handle audiences in an after dinner enivironment.

Hypno Camp

Filmed live at The Britannia Hotel in Rochdale which is a Gay Friendly venue, you'll learn how Royle deals with a noisy and very lively crowd and watch some very adults only style routines culminating in several men stripping till they are almost naked

Hypno Kick

Filmed live at Flixton Football Club, this video shows Royle using numerous hilarious routines and demonstrates his skills at pulling off an excellent show in the most difficult of circumstances. Most valuable is how he convinces people who are apprehensive to take part and then they become the stars of the shows

Hypno Smoke

Filmed at a large Student Public House Venue in Oldham, this video features Chris Lee who is one of Royle's Students in the early days of his career (many years ago) when he was still getting tuition from Royle. You'll see how Royle helps Chris make the show a success and then you'll be witness to a mass group Smoking Cessation Session which Chris Lee Conducted with Royle's expert help.

There is Big money to be made from group therapy sessions and the real world footage on this video is invaluable learning material for anyone wishing to enter this lucrative area of the industry

Carlisle Capers

Filmed live at Brampton Community Centre in Cumbria, this show took place on a Theatre style stage, there were numerous volunteers and they reacted brilliantly to Royle's suggestions. Most of the Hypnotised volunteers are female and as such you'll learn from this video how to conduct an entire show using only female volunteers in a way which is hilarious.

There is a lot of feedback from the PA system on this tape which was audible to the audience and that's invaluable as you learn how Royle deals with a PA System which malfunctions during the show and despite the noise gets everyone into trance

Hypno Fresh

Filmed live during Freshers week at Gloucester University, you'll see Royle performing to around 800 noisy students, you'll witness the stage get full of volunteers and then most every volunteer being placed into trance to a greater or lesser degree.

The stage lighting at this event was way too hot in the first half of the show and you'll learn how Royle deals with this effectively, despite the fact it made it harder to get his subjects to respond

Hypno Drink Volume's 1 & 2

This is a two volume video set filmed in Oldham at a Public House Venue for a Private Corporate function. Video one shows the first half of the show when Royle hardly got any volunteers and you'll learn how he still pulled off a good first half and conditioned the audience to volunteer in the second half and then on the second video you'll see the group tests he used, how he got the entire audience involved and eventually got loads more volunteers all of whom went into trance and became stars of the show acting out many hilarious routines

For those of you who are serious students of Stage Hypnotism and performance Hypnosis we unreservedly recommend these eight hilarious and educational titles.

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