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Roger Klause In Concert - eBook DOWNLOAD

Roger Klause In Concert - eBook DOWNLOAD

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Written by Lance Pierce.

This book presents the routines and concepts of Roger Klause, noted performer and teacher, with clarity and detail. With special attention paid to the construction and principles of magic, Roger can show you how to raise your level of performance and further your craft.

Within these pages are symphonies with coins, rings, bills and keys - both close-up and parlor - with concise explanations of how and why. Effects included are, The Miser's Cornucopia; Smokeless; The Sponge & Sleeve; The 100 Bill Change; The Torn & Restored Bill; Even Money; Cheque; The Chimerical Bill; Billusion; The Operator; The Soft Double; Double Down; The Breakout Display; The Automatic Block Transfer; The No-Count Zarrow; The Bluff Bluff Pass; Framed; Going South; Triple Play; The Bantam-Weight Card; Turnabout; What's Good for the Goose Is ...; The Chinese Quartet; Red & White; Through the Looking Glass; and Ringmaster.

288 pages, over 375 photographs.



Jazz Notes (by MichaelSkjnner)
Random Bars (by the author)

Songs of Merfin (by Roger Klause)

Principia Magicus - I
Changing the Moment

Opus 1: Tipping the Lght Fantastic (a cantabile)
The Miser's Cornucopia
The Sponge & Sleeve

Principia Magicus - II
Fundamentally Speaking and The Secret Aide

Opus 2: Changes (a rondo in six-part harmony)
The $100.00 Bill Change
The Torn and Restored Bill
Even Money
The Chimerical Bill

Principia Magicus - III

Opus 3: The Operator (a suite in four cavatinas)
The Operator

Opus Four: Tools (etude - one through eight)
Soft Double
Double Down
The Breakout Display
The Automatic Block Transfer
The No-Count Zarrow
The Bluff Bluff Pass
Going South

Opus 5: Finished Works (a medley)
Triple Play
The Bantam-Weight Card
What's Good For The Goose Is...
The Chinese Quartet

Principia Magicus - IV
Major Minor

Opus 6: Three Classics (a fugue)
Red and White- The Color Changing Silks
Through the Looking Glass - Ring Flight
Ringmaster - A Routine With A Himber Ring

Opus 7: Histories (coda)
Roger Klause - A Debt of Gratitude
Last Word: Author's Acknowledgements

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