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Emma Wooding

Remastered Volume Two - Psychological Forces by Emma Wooding eBook DOWNLOAD

Remastered Volume Two - Psychological Forces by Emma Wooding eBook DOWNLOAD

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You do not need to own Volume One to own Volume Two!

Remastered Volume Two: Psychological Forces is a book dedicated to the art of Psychological Mentalism. Through this 180 paged eBook, you will learn over 20 new effects including propless effects, presentation focused effects, new principles, stage effects, card effects, thought provoking theory, billet effects and so much more. The majority of the effects aren't language dependent, meaning anyone, anytime and anywhere can perform these jaw dropping effects. The book is designed for beginners, intermediate performers and seasoned professionals. So much so, that at the start of the book you'll learn a simple (yet powerful) opener where you divine a thought of tic-tac flavor and at the end of the book you'll learn how to create your own Psychological Forces.

The Mirror 2.0 - The Participant thinks of a flavor, the performer divines or predicts the thought with great accuracy.

FRQZXW - The participant is shown a group of cards with different random jumble of letters and numbers on each card. The participant decides on a card and they think of a random word that pops into their mind. The performer divines the thought of word, with no Dual Reality, Stooging or Anagrams. Included are a variety of variations from Ben Sleight, Luke Turner and Emma Wooding.

Triangle in a Circle - This section is dedicated to talking about Icons and their relation to Psychological Forces.

The Letter Box - My twist on the 37 force. Not only is this effect less restrictive but this effect has a higher success rate and has an engaging presentation.

The Humanistic Response - The participant thinks of a Number, Color and Structure. The performer divines everything while providing a detailed reading.

Let's Get Retro - The performer presents a pad of paper. The participant (using the pad) thinks of a retro video game and the performer divines the game, the console as well as thoughts from other random participants within the room.

Justifying the One to Nine Force - Through this section, you'll learn new ways to perform the classic One to Nine force and new effects including a book divination, a playing card divination and more!

A Seasonal Exchange 2.0 - The participant thinks of a season and a color they associate with the season... the performer divines BOTH.

Additional Opposites - The participant thinks of two opposites (free choice) the performer divines both thought of opposites in full.

The Captain Principle - A brand new principle to use in fishing systems. Not only does this help you nail thought of colors, pictures or words but this technique allows for a more engaging and convincing divination.

In the Sand - A brand new twist on the 7 force. The participant imagines slowly drawing a number in the sand. The performer divines the thought of number with great accuracy. This effect provides an engaging detailed presentation, a higher hit rate and a more convincing divination.

Turning Page - A brand new twist on the classic book test. You will learn a variety of principles some Psychological some not. This ingenious principle allows you to provide one of the fairest tests of mind reading you could possibly do.

A Designed Fate - The performer presents a prediction. Two participants together, create a playing card. The performer reveals the playing card to be a complete match!

W.H.P - The performer presents a prediction. The participant imagines a coin (invisible) they imagine a coin in one of their hands. They do this again and again... and again (four times over). With no one ahead, no weird gimmicks and no puzzles, the performer can reveal their prediction which matches their decisions. W.H.P was praised by Phedon Bilek for its clever thinking and unique method.

X Marks the Spot - A unique twist on the classic X Marks the Spot effect, seen in 13 Steps to Mentalism.

Flip Flap Principle - A brand new force. The participant is shown a billet, business card or playing card. With one side reading "heads" and the other side reading "tails". The participant flips the card back and forth in their hands and stops on a side. The performer predicts which side the participant landed on. This principle can be used for practically anything, including red/blue, high/low, apple/banana ANY TWO WORDS!

The Twenty Star Mind Explosion - The participant thinks of a shape. They imagine the shape in their mind. They imagine where it is, in their head (to the left, right or middle). The participant imagines behind the shape, an object... the performer divines all three. The shape, the position and the object with high accuracy. Here, you'll also learn a brand-new way to force shapes and colors.

This isn't even covering the twenty paged section which detail Outs for Psychological Forces with over fifteen different ways to navigate a force going wrong. You will learn how to create Verbal Forces, how to create Physical Forces and how to even merge the two together!

Finally, everyone who purchases Remastered Volume Two: Psychological Forces will receive an eBook file and so much more!

To recap
  • 180 paged eBook with over 20 new effects.
  • Bonus material from Luke Turner and Benjamin Sleight.
  • A PDF eBook
This book is a powerhouse of unique, practical mentalism and I am honored to share with you Remastered Volume Two: Psychological Forces.

"Very inspiring and refreshing! There are so many valuable ideas in your book."
- Nico Heinrich

"If you want a book that is choc full of ideas, routines, presentational hooks and inspiration that is very well written you should pick up this gem of a title"
- William Patrick

"A remarkable book. Each reading illuminates a new thread of thought. It opened even these eye to some wonderful mentalism. Get this for you mind, heart, and performance - each will be improved by it"
- Marc Salem

"Additional Opposites is a fun easy direct way to nail two things in one swoop. It reminds me of Alman's Scorpion Tail, but this is essentially propless, which is very nice. Add to that, The Captain Principle. It's a sneaky, unique little ploy. I love this one"
-Mohamed Khaled on Additional Opposites and The Captain Principle.

"It's a very clever idea, especially as a way to get extra hits from a minimum of work. Because of this it really feels like you are reading the mind of the spectator"
- Brett Barry on Let's Get Retro.

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