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In Cloud Cuckoo Land by Lord Harri

In Cloud Cuckoo Land by Lord Harri

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Introducing "In Cloud Cuckoo Land" - A Magical Journey Awaits!

I'm thrilled to share my latest creation, "In Cloud Cuckoo Land," a book that dives deep into the art of magic with 40 unique tricks designed for close-up magic, stage, and parlor performances. Each trick has been meticulously tested and perfected, many of which are part of my own repertoire.

Why You'll Love It:
  • Exclusive Tricks: 40 original magic tricks that will captivate and amaze your audience.
  • Enhanced Learning: Each page features a QR code linking to detailed online instructions.
  • Beautifully Illustrated: Easy-to-read text paired with stunning illustrations.
  • For All Skill Levels: Perfect for working magicians, yet accessible for beginners.
  • Guest Contributions: Includes special tricks and insights from top UK magicians James Keatley, Myles Thornton, Mad Mark, Sam Sugarman, Joel Anthony, and Sirus.
Get Your Copy Today!

Whether you're a seasoned magician or just starting out, "In Cloud Cuckoo Land" offers something for everyone. Dive into the playful side of magic, break the mold of the cliché magician, and truly connect with your audience.

Limited Stock Available!

The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and I can't wait for you to experience the magic inside these pages. Don't miss out - secure your copy today and let the magic begin!

Here are brief descriptions of each trick:

Das Einhorn
  • Air Force-The Deck is shuffled and under the disguise of revealing any thought of card, you set up your deck Infront of the spectator.
  • Carbon Footprint - Transfer a chosen playing card from the card to another surface. In this instance magically to your shoe.
  • Contactless - Trigger a surprising effect using a contactless payment card.
  • Emblazed- Burn a two-selection card reveal on a selected card.
  • Heads Up - Vanish and reappear a coin with this devilish sleeving method.
  • Mini Me - Change the size of a card dramatically in the magician's hands.
  • Palm Leaf - Color change with a flat palm.
  • Shooting Blanks- Transform a blank card into the two printed selected ones.
  • Slip and Slide Switch - Seamlessly switch sharpies in a fluid motion.
Fantasy Fortress
  • 3some - combining mentalism and the one ahead principle, revealing 3 spectators thought of things.
  • Fourced - Force a seemingly random combination of numbers which result in four locations in a deck.
  • Doodle Bag - Blind folded with a bag on your head, draw the thought of item.
  • Instackcan - through clever word play, you have one of the cleanest and direct ACAAN's.
  • Nimbo Peek - Secretly glimpse the spectator's chosen card with a peek technique.
  • Numb3rs - Predict the outcome of a mathematical calculation chosen by the spectator.
  • Theme Tune - Identify or predict a song or theme tune chosen by the spectator. Warning, comedy kicker!
  • Puzzle Pic - Rearrange jigsaw like images to reveal a prediction or chosen image.
Curious Combinations
  • Cigard - Make a chosen card appear inside a cigarette which actually smokes.
  • Sweet Corn(er) - Make card corners appear in an unexpected place.
  • Eggsealent - A way to open and completely seal an egg which can be completely examined.
  • Kinder Egg - A great stage piece of having a ring or other small item appear inside a kinder egg and it ends clean.
  • Smoking Sponge - Make a sponge ball emit smoke.
  • Stash Cash - Make a bill vanish and appear inside a lighter, the serial number matches.
Every Flavor Beans
  • Altro Opener - Captivate the audience with a flashy opening effect.
  • Harriboss - A ring to sweet packet.
  • Heads Up 2.0 - The Additional Ideas - Enhance the Heads-Up trick with advanced ideas.
  • Snappy Change - Instantly transform one card into another - looks like CGI.
  • Tree Fly - A forgotten way of doing a 3fly where the shell is the star.
  • Omni Thoughts - Thoughts on using the Omni Deck
  • The Flitch Switch - Execute a clever switch technique using the hoffziner toss cull.
  • The Invisible Man - Utilizing a Lego figure and making it appear on spectators' drinks glasses.
  • Pen Through - Penetrate a card or bill with a pen without leaving a hole.
  • Phalanish - Perform impossible feats with the classic TT.
  • Waltz Disney - My reputation top table card effect where the spectators face appears on the card design
Tinker Spells
  • Hung Drawn & Quartered-lite by Joel Anthony - Straight up card to keys with ease.
  • Raybanded by Myles Thornton- linking a borrowed ring to sunglasses.
  • Omni Finisher by Sam Sugar- Deliver a powerful closing effect for a lasting impression.
  • Top Hop AKA Speed Origami by Sirus - Rapidly transform a receipt into a famous magician Cliche.
  • Pla(i)ne Crisps by Mad Mark - Catch your audience off guard with this great play on words using the contents of a bag of crisps.
  • The 41st by James Keatley- A unique trick with a clever sweet twist by James Keatley.
"I'm a big fan of Harri. He is full of fun and joy and Magic needs more people like him. I'm a big fan of his work too. His magic is whimsical and playful, without ever being childish and inconsequential (which can sometimes be the case with magic using sweets, lollipops, and the like).So I was very excited to see he has released a book. It contains 40 tricks, covering close-up, cards, coins, finger rings, eggs (chocolate and dairy!), mentalism and stand-up. The material is a weird and wonderful mix of Harri's clever, unique take on some standard plots and effects and some of his innovative creations which push the boundaries in new and attention-grabbing directions. All of it has the feel of material that has been thoroughly audience tested.
There is a LOT of fantastic material in this book, and I could easily list at least a dozen tricks that caught my eye and I want to perform. Here are a few highlights to whet your appetite:
'Carbon Footprint' in which you make the face of a selected card permanently transfer to the sole of your shoe."Instackcan' which is a very clean and direct ACAAN accomplished with clever wordplay.
'Eggsealent' which is the real work on how to open and completely seal an egg, which is completely examinable. This alone is worth the entry price.
'The Invisible Man' where a Lego figure of a randomly chosen superhero magically appears holding the rim of a participant's drinking glass.
'Waltz Disney' which is the ultimate version of Anniversary Waltz, where the climax of the effect is the faces of the Queen and King of Hearts transforming into the (photographically printed) faces of the bride and groom!
If you are looking to find some killer new material to refresh or revolutionize your repertoire, you'll find it in this book.
Highest recommendation."

- Mark Elsdon

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