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Jonathan Royle

Hypno Heat by by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD

Hypno Heat by by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD

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This is without doubt the most comprehensive teaching package of videos and PDFs to ever be released on the subject of the legendary "Hypno-Heat" aka "Hot Spot" aka "The Hot Foil in Hand Miracle" that has ever been compiled and released to the magical, mentalism and hypnosis worlds!

In the short video you can see British born but Norwegian based magician and illusionist Carl De Rome performing his Comical "Sex Test" version of this amazing effect on television to great response.

Yes indeed this is the ultimate video and PDF instructional package on how to safely perform the famous "Hypnotic Hot Foil in Hand Miracle".

You will learn full routines and ideas from Carl De Rome, Jonathan Royle, Martin Allan & Roni Shachnaey, including ideas and routines of a Magical Nature, Mentalism Style, Hypnotic Style and even Bizarre Magick.

Indeed you'll also learn how to use this to help people control pain as part of hypnotherapy & NLP treatment sessions and also how to use it as the perfect lead in when you desire to genuinely hypnotize somebody within a matter of seconds.

The names of just some of the routines taught in this package are:

Heat, Pay The Ferryman, Technology, Voodoo, Heat Suggested, Hatered, Sin Eater, I Bet I Can, Strength, A Card Location, Sex Test & Hell.

Containing five video files with a combined teaching length of approx 60 minutes, together with several PDF Ebooks this is a truly comprehensive package that not only teaches ideas and routines suitable for close-up magic, mentalism, cabaret, bizarre magick and seance, stage hypnosis shows and even for use in hypnotherapy, but also and perhaps more importantly teaches you how to perform this chemical miracle in the safest manner possible.

And yes of course you will also discover the only source in the world where the true professionals obtain the correctly formulated chemical to enable them to perform all of the effects and miracle routines you will learn within this package.

After performing some of the effects taught in this package comments made by professional performers have included:

"HEAT is the best, It's going into my new show."
Luke Jermay

"This is SO MUCH fun to perform. I've been using HEAT at the IVY and it gets an unbelievable reaction. BE WARNED: As the spectator starts freaking out, the whole room stops to watch. This starts off a close-up effect, but very quickly turns into a 'stage effect', as it grabs everyone's attention! This is a great closer to any walk-around session!"
Dominic Reyes

The special "Heat" mixture which you will learn to use safely has already been supplied by Carl De Rome to many of the world's leading magicians, mentalists and hypnotists including:

Luis De Matos, Keith Barry, Rand Woodbury, Pete Firman, Paul Romhany, Shawn Farquhar, Kockov aka Jasper Blakely, Ken Webster, Max Somerset, Jamie Allan, Dan Sperry, James More, The Twins (Illusionists) and Luke Jermay amongst many others.

Some reviews from magic magazines about this miracle include:

"It is probably the strongest effect anybody could ever hope to perform! And what makes this trick far superior is at no time do you need to do any dirty work. This is perfect for anyone working walk around, close-up and in bars etc."
Paul Romhany - Vanish Magazine

"Does it work? Yes it most certainly does and the sensation of heat and burning it produces is sensational. You are only restricted by your own imagination as to what you can do with this undetectable miracle"
Freddie Valentine - The Mystic Menagerie Magazine

SPECIAL BONUS: As "Hypno-Heat" is the ultimate pseudo hypnosis Stunt, it compliments the other full length "Hypno-Tricks" routines that Jonathan Royle teaches in his book of the same name and so we have included a copy of that as a bonus gift so you have even more "miracles" to start playing with straight away.

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