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Prasanth Edamana

Fresh Fishing by Prasanth Edamana video DOWNLOAD

Fresh Fishing by Prasanth Edamana video DOWNLOAD

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This is the best impromptu card routine I have ever created so far. Those who are interested in card on rope type effects, this is an interesting variation. This was one of my closely guarded secrets and now available to you. It has all the best features of an impromptu trick. Points to consider It iS easy to do and beginner friendly Totally Impromptu Everything can be borrowed if available. Their selection can be signed Spectator can shuffle the cards in the beginning and even after replacing the card

Everything 100 percent examinable before and after

No palming

No awkward moments

Nothing to add or ditch secretly

No magnets or any other sticky stuffs involved

Card will not get damaged other than they put their signature if you prefer

No reset required immediately repeatable perfect for walkaround

Repeatable to same audience

Perfect for close up or parlour even for Zoom, on stage performance if you prefer

Can perform surrounded no angle issues

These are the only props required:

1. A paper bag
2. A tiny binder/buldog clip
3. A shoelace
4. A deck of cards
5. A Sharpie

The demo is edited but it is not to hide any lengthy procedures,complicated sleights,awkard moments or to cover any angle issues and it is just to avoid smart people reverse engineering the trick.

You will never regret with this purchase.

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