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Molim El Barch

A Card Merely Thought Of II by Molim EL Barch video DOWNLOAD

A Card Merely Thought Of II by Molim EL Barch video DOWNLOAD

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After the success of his first release, A Card Merely Thought Of I, Molim El Barch thought to share with us his favourite way of reading minds over a video call.

The average reactions from spectators are, that they had the feeling, Molim was able to see through their eyes.

As a bonus, he gives us his unique method of secretly obtaining information from a screen.

Be ready for an easy to do but absolute hard hitting mind reading effect, that will make your audiences believe, you really can read their minds!


- A normal deck.
- No markings or similar things.
- All 52 cards are in.
- A real and legit shuffle from the spectator, you don't know the order of the cards!
- No second screen, App or device needed, you can show your room to the spectator if wanted.
- The spectator has a absolute free choice to think of any card from a shuffled deck!
- No anagrams, no counting, no maths, no memorization work.

Two versions included: The one from the trailer via video chat. And one bonus idea for a person to person performance.


"Very simple and very direct. When he guessed my thought of card I was impressed but when he guessed the 6 other cards I was looking at, it felt like he was inside my head"
- Arthur

"I felt like he is a real psychic! I didn't have a clue!
- Kacemo Silver Cruz

"You have a beast of an effect! I really love it, it's something I would definitely perform! Well done!
- Kassim Beydoun

"It's crazy, the guy constantly brings out top notch material. This here is mentalism at it's finest!
- Ryan Dux

"A clever method which gives you wonderful possibilities for your online show! Spectators will really believe that you are in their head!
- Diyan Kostadinov, Hektor Magic

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